Overall winner of the 1983 Brands Hatch 1000km and the only Porsche 956 to win on American soil after winning at Road America in Can-Am and one of just nine privateer WEC 956s built by Porsche at the Works Team facility in Weissach.

  • 956-110 is the undoubted star of Ultimate John Fitzpatrick Group C Porsches: The Definitive History by Mark Cole.

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This 1983 Porsche 956 Group C, chassis no. 956-110, is a true time-warp example.

Supplied to compete in the 1983 World Endurance Championship season, no. 110 was acquired by the legendary Fitzpatrick racing team and debuted as their lead car at the 1983 24 Hours of Le Mans with John Fitzpatrick, Dieter Quester, and David Hobbs at the wheel.

Straight from the Mazzota Collection to the Historic Porsche collection in 2002.


  • The most original surviving example of just nine factory-built WEC privateer Porsche 956s.
  • Debut at the 1983 Le Mans, driven by Fitzpatrick, Quester & Hobbs.
  • One of just two privateer 956s to ever beat the Works Rothmans 956s.
  • Won Brands Hatch 1000km driven by Fitzpatrick and Warwick. 
  • Only 956 to win on American soil in period. Porsche poster car to celebrate the win.
  • 1st in Can-Am at Road America- Elkhart Lake.
  • Podium at Mosport in final Can-Am appearance.


  • Two-time 24 Hours of Le Mans competitor in 1983 and 1984
  • 2nd at Imola 1000km. Podium at 1984 Silverstone 1000km in Skoal Bandit livery.
  • Retired in 1984 to be sold via Skip Barber to Jamey Mazzota for his world-class collection.
  • The History

    One of just two privateer 956's to beat the Works Rothmans 956's, 956-110 is a super original, highly successful car and the second 956 bought by John Fitzpatrick Racing in 1983. 

  • 956-110 Racing Career

    The 1983 Brands Hatch 1,000km winner, and the only ever Porsche 956 to win on American soil after winning the Can Am at Road America.

Hugely successful on the track and the only 956 to compete and win on American soil in period, the Porsche joined a private collection immediately following the 1984 24 Hours of Le Mans and has had just three private owners since this time.

Offered from its current owner of 16 years, the 956 is presented in its 1983 Le Mans livery and is likely the most original example of the model in existence, having raced for just one year in period before joining a prestigious collection.

With an excellent driver lineup that includes John Fitzpatrick, Derek Warwick, Thierry Boutsen, and Alain de Cadenet, as well as the well-known liveries of J David, Skoal Bandit, and Rollei, the Porsche is an ideal candidate for preservation class concours entry or for vintage competition at the Le Mans Classic and 24 Hours of Daytona historic races.

One of the 'star cars' to be featured in detail in 'The John Fitzpatrick Porsches' written by Mark Cole.